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The RCCTO is planning a third pitch day event! Check back soon for more details.
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The RCCTO has a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) available on Sam.Gov and The BAA is directed at advancing state-of-the-art technologies and increasing understanding that would lead to innovations.
This BAA is a continuously open announcement and the RCCTO will periodically make amendments, which will be publicized as special notices on the FedBizOps and websites. These special notices will detail specific areas of interest and solicit information and solutions.

Advanced Concepts and Experimentation

Within the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, there is a dedicated cell called the Advanced Concepts and Experimentation (ACE) Project Office. The ACE mission is to rapidly develop, test, and transition advanced technologies to address high priority items from RCCTO and Army leadership. The office will serve as the quick reaction cell for rigorous research and analysis, prototyping, experimentation and assessment, in order to demonstrate initial technology for larger efforts or provide a residual combat capability. ACE will also act as a portal to nationwide experts in academia, industry, start-ups and other services. By providing these principal functions, ACE enables Army leaders to make informed decisions on emerging technologies.

Industry partners and other parties who desire to share information with the ACE Project Office should click the "Submit a Technology" button below. Participants are hereby instructed NOT to submit proprietary or classified information, as the government shall not be responsible for safeguarding any proprietary information or liable for damages, including but not limited to any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of submission of any proprietary information.

This is not a request for proposal, request for quotation, or an invitation for bid, nor does it obligate or restrict the Government to any particular acquisition approach. This does not constitute a solicitation and does not obligate the Government to issue a solicitation. Information provided is solely for market research purposes. Neither unsolicited proposal (s) nor any other offers will be considered in response to this request or accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Contractors are solely responsible for all expenses associated with providing a response.

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