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The Army Rapid Capabilities Office serves to expedite critical capabilities to the field to meet Combatant Commanders’ needs. The Office enables the Army to experiment, evolve and deliver technologies in real time to address both urgent and emerging threats, while supporting acquisition reform efforts. The Army Rapid Capabilities Office reports to a Board of Directors led by the Secretary of the Army, and including the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Army Acquisition Executive.

The Army Rapid Capabilities Office executes rapid prototyping and initial equipping of capabilities, particularly in the areas of cyber, electronic warfare, survivability and positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), as well as other priority projects that will enable Soldiers to decisively operate and win in contested environments. Beyond closing current capability gaps, the Office also aims to stimulate aggressive, proactive capability development and leverage disruptive technologies to meet Army strategic objectives.

The Army Rapid Capabilities Office leverages innovation by other government agencies and industry partners, as well as Warfighter feedback, to deliver solutions on an accelerated timeline. Within the Office, there is a dedicated cell called the Emerging Technologies Office (ETO), which engages directly and continuously to align, understand and drive academia, industry and Science & Technology solutions to near-term and emerging threats with development and demonstration of revolutionary new capabilities. The ETO serves as an ombudsman, collaborating with industry to direct efforts towards specific areas of need.

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